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Verdict - Practice Managment Software for Barristers

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Verdict's appointment booking screen is a simple and intuitive user interface, with advanced form tools - predictive text boxes and date fields - allowing appointments to be filled in at speed, reducing the time it takes to enter data and carry out everyday tasks.

The user can make bookings for any selection of barristers, individual teams, multiple teams as well as ad-hoc individuals.

Multi-day appointments are simple to create and amend and don't necessarily have to follow consecutive dates. For example, using Verdict, it is possible to create a multi-day appointment on each Monday for the next 6 weeks, or create a multi week booking excluding every Wednesday.

Don't risk double booking a barrister by accident. Let Verdict warn you about potential clashes before they occur. Verdict even tells you what appointments have clashed.

Verdict's diary holds information to enable automated billing of private cases with quoted or agreed fees.

Using Verdict's powerful reporting tools, you can report on any type of appointment within a date range making staff holiday and sickness days simple to calculate.

Verdict's advanced Security Roles allows Chambers to determine a user's level of access i.e. Barristers can be permitted to enter any appointment type ranging from draft text entries to return dates on hearings.

Verdict also offers opportunity appointments/cases enabling new work requests to be tracked from the initial telephone call through to a firm booking, providing a comprehensive record of work distribution / allocation.

I finally have a system that suits my needs, the fact that various functions are not set in stone means that I can adjust them to my requirements, rather than other companies' software that is immovable and inflexible. I have found the staff extremely helpful, and diligent with any queries I have made. If there is an urgent problem you know that they will do their utmost to fix it. Andrew Newey, 2 Pump Court, London, UK

Appointment, Booking, Verdict, Practice, Management, Software, Australian, Barrister.