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Verdict - Practice Managment Software for Barristers

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All case information is visible from one central location. With the use of Verdict's tabbing system you can open multiple cases at any one time.

Fee Grid

Verdict is well known for its flexible fee grid. The user can edit fee lines or any column within the screen independently or collectively. With the use of Verdict's signature predictive text boxes it's quick and easy to add or amend fee lines. A full audit trail is kept on every fee line; view all edits, deletions and hidden comments.

Brief Management

The most advanced brief management system available to Chambers, the Verdict advanced brief management functionality enables clerks to monitor briefs arriving and changing hands in relation to individual appointments or on a whole case basis. Clerks use this area to record the receipt and dispatch of briefs, instructions and further papers on a case. Users may also monitor the arrival, custody and return of sensitive material in accordance with the requirements of Quality Mark. In addition to this unique feature, Verdict includes an option to automatically generate notifications to barristers when each or any of these items arrive in Chambers so they don´t go to Court unaware of their existence.


Automatically manage fee chasing and case events using Verdict Workflow, thus alleviating the need for clerks and credit controllers to work through arduous task lists on a daily basis. Verdict processes actions ranging from on-event document production (acknowledgement, client care letters, etc) to fee chasing runs, on an overnight procedure.

Document Management

A fully integrated document management suite allows all case documentation to be stored on a case by case basis. Security permits who may access and edit a particular folder or files.


All case appointments are logged here, the user will have a full log of all appointments/activities that have occurred against a case.

Case,Management,Verdict, Practice, Management, Software, Australian, Barrister