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Verdict - Practice Managment Software for Barristers

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Heralded as the most comprehensive and flexible diary on the market, Verdict's diary provides an extensively scalable appointment system. One of the diary's major advantages is its ability to show many different diary views using Verdict's unique tabbing system. This enables a user to define and set different filters on any of the diary tabs. Why struggle with one diary when you can have as many as you need?

Diary Features

  • Incorporating an intuitive display, different types of appointments are easily distinguishable by a quick glance saving time in accessing the diary.
  • Cut and paste bookings between barristers.
  • Graphical icons against each appointment indicate whether briefs have been received, fees agreed and barristers informed of their commitments.
  • Paperwork tracking is viewable from within the diary.
  • Clearly view holiday bookings.
  • Open as many booking screens as you wish at any one time.
  • Remove not-sitting days easily.
  • Scalable user security profiles allow Barristers to add their own draft appointments.

The Verdict diary also enables chambers to keep track of its entire staff. All clerks/administration users are also added to the diary. Keep track of all holidays, maternity/paternity leave, sickness, training, etc that have occurred during the year.

The diary system is excellent and is far superior to all other programs I have used! Simon Duggan, 1 Inner Temple Lane, London, UK

Diary, Multi, View, Legal, Verdict, Practice, Management, Software, Australian, Barrister.