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Verdict - Practice Managment Software for Barristers

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Verdict can be accessed via two methods from your mobile:

Mobile Browser

New developments in the smartphone market allows the possibility of extending our software onto these devices to give a level of connectivity not seen in the market currently. Verdict can be accessed via your mobile phone delivering real-time content to your hand held device on the move.

Verdict Mobile Offers:

  • A full diary component allowing access to all items in the system, including past, current and future appointments and paperwork.
  • Data entry screens allow entry of appointments straight into the Verdict diary system from your device
  • Data screens are fully enabled to take advantage of the features of a touch screen device, such creating an email by clicking on a displayed email address and even click on a phone number to initiate a call with the contact.
  • Using a real-time connection to the Verdict server you are assured of seeing the correct data however frequently it is changed either in chambers or modified by another Verdict Mobile user.
  • Advanced searching capabilities for barristers, companies, and contacts held in Verdict.

We believe the benefits of a real-time connection to the Verdict server give chambers a real advantage in a constantly changing market. But don´t take our word for it, contact us to arrange a demonstration to view the full Verdict system and the Verdict Mobile extension today.

Exchange Integration

Exchange is commonly used to provide email services for Chambers and single user diary and contact systems. Using Verdict with the Exchange integration module allows Chambers, on a per user basis, to push appointments from Verdict to the Exchange calendar. Users are then able to use Outlook on their desktop pc's, laptops or even hand held devices to synchronise their diary with appointments from Exchange. The system works for Blackberry users too with a complete copy of the Verdict diary being pushed straight to the handheld device. All possible updates, transfers and deletions are taken care of so you can rest assured that your handheld will reflect your busy days ahead as if you were in Chambers looking at Verdict internally.

Mobile, access,Verdict, Practice, Management, Software, Australian, Barrister, Barsquared, Legal Software.