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Verdict - Practice Managment Software for Barristers

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Verdict has fully integrated Time Recording Suite - enabling time recordings to be held against any member of chambers and associated with any fee line on a case. Capture all those ad-hoc emails and phones calls.

The Time Recording Suite uses its own unique diary. Verdict makes it easy and simple to view, log and submit your weekly timesheets. Verdict even warns you when you´re running behind.

Quickly and easily see which barristers have not been recording their time; perform reports on each individual case or user. A full analysis report will inform you of where time has been spent and lost.

Verdict Time Recording incorporates an integrated timer. By the simple click of a button the Verdict stopwatch will begin. Once the activity is complete, the user can add any information associated with the activity and it is logged straight into their time recording diary.

Travel & Waiting time can be stored against each appointment along with any expenses incurred (all viewable from the time recording diary or appointment).

Take the difficulty out of recording time and allow Verdict to do it for you.

This simple facility allows any member to record billing hours in real time or at the end of each day. Keeping it simple works as we all know! David Green (Senior Clerk), 36 Bedford Row, London, UK
We moved on to time recording 6 months ago; it’s the only way for the future, to have a productive system for fee collection which you can monitor. It is efficient and an extremely effective way of increasing turnover. Kim Janes (Senior Clerk), 5 Raymond Buildings, London, UK

Time, Recording, billing,Verdict, Practice, Management, Software, Australian, Barrister