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08 NOV'12

Support Bar Squared this Movember

During the month of November, the Bar Squared team will be supporting the Movember campaign by sprouting moustaches. The aim is to raise vital funds and awareness for menís health, specifically testicular and prostate cancer, which affects 1 in 9 men...

26 OCT'12

Scared of Windows 8? Not Us!

The new version of Windows for desktop and tablet computing has finally arrived. Not since the Rolling Stones pumped out Start Me Up on the original advert for Windows 95 has such a radical interface change taken place...

18 OCT'11

Bar Squared unleashes Verdict Multi-Currency Billing

Multi-Currency Billing has always been a difficult process to manage within chambers, until now! With our brand new Multi-Currency module, Verdict makes it simple and easy to bill and report in multiple currencies...

31 AUG'12

Safe and secure...?

Our home used to be our castle. Today we store huge amounts of information online, on other peopleís servers around the world. Whether Case Briefs, your personal emails, Amazon and Facebook profiles, or your online bank account - all of this information is secured by passwords...

22 AUG'12

Introducing the Verdict iPhone App

Built by the team of in-house developers and designed specifically for Barristers and Clerks, Bar Squared is proud to announce the launch of the Verdict iPhone App. Released on the 28th July, the Bar Squared team have been busy setting up and rolling out access to the App...

Although our software is designed for Internet Explorer, it can now be accessed via Chrome, Firefox, Safari & Opera.

Verdict, Practice, Management, Software, Australian, Barrister, Barsquared, Legal Software.